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RevResponse.com Pays Online Publishers to Present Free Content

LOS GATOS, CA (December 21, 2007) – NetLine Corporation is launching RevResponse.com, a B2B specific pay per lead platform that gives online publishers a new way to generate ad revenue while providing users with highly qualified contextual free content.

RevResponse.com provides an easy-to-use online wizard that walks publishers through a step-by-step process to create the perfect offer for their audience, then provides the finished HTML code for them to drop in to their site, blog, email, or feed.

"Unlike typical ad networks that display links of questionable interest to readers, or affiliate networks that pay only when referred users pay to purchase an item, RevResponse helps present free content that is of genuine value to visitors," said David Fortino, VP of NetLine Corporation. "With RevResponse.com, you're in the position to give your audience valuable content completely free of charge and get paid for doing so."

Free material offered with RevResponse includes magazines, white papers, podcasts, and eBooks all specifically targeted toward the selected audience. The current content library covers over 33 different industry segments and includes nearly every International market.

"RevResponse.com offers a multitude of monetization tools allowing publishers to cover every touch point with their audience base," said Fortino. "RevResponse generates revenue without sacrificing the user experience. I'm confident publishers now have a solution to the dilemma of achieving balance between advertising revenues and fostering a vibrant user experience."

Currently in Beta, RevResponse.com will officially launch in January 2008.
About RevResponse.com & NetLine Corporation
RevResponse.com is owned by NetLine Corporation, a premier provider of online lead-generation and marketing services for B2B Advertisers, Marketers, and Publishers, specializing in delivering high-quality leads and maximizing results. Founded in 1994 as the first online subscription services provider for B2B publishers with TradePub.com, NetLine enables business marketers and publishers contextually relevant positioning and promotions of their content through its distribution network of more than 4000 sites across 33+ industry verticals. NetLine's many successful Client and Agency relationships include IBM, Juniper Networks, Microsoft Corporation, NeoOgilvy, SAP, and Universal McCann, among others. NetLine is privately held and headquartered in Los Gatos, California.

NetLine's many successful client and agency relationships include Juniper Networks, IBM, Sage Software, Microsoft, Autodesk, Taunton Publishing, and CMP, among others. Founded in 1994, NetLine is privately held and is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. For more information, please visit www.netline.com or call 888.515.3237.