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NetLine's Lead Source: A Contextual Pay-for-Performance Solution

By Michael A. Stelzner

NetLine's Lead Source is a new offering in the white paper advertising space that is worth examining for businesses looking to enhance their white paper lead generation quality. Although new to the world of white papers, NetLine has more than a decade of experience in lead generation and is best known for its Tradepub.com network.

Leveraging a network of more than 2,000 content sites, NetLine's Lead Source syndicates your white paper to contextually relevant sites based on your market and demographic requirements. Content partners include web properties such as LinkedIn.com, BizReport.com, Salary.com, SoftwareCEO.com and Plastics.com. NetLine covers a wide variety of industries such as agriculture, engineering, finance, manufacturing and technology. NetLine account executives custom-select partner properties for each white paper based on your unique goals.

With packages that start at a cost of only $30 per lead, advertisers are able to set reasonable spending caps and only pay for leads delivered. NetLine leverages category and keyword search ad displays on content sites and offers advertisers cross-promotions and e-mail promotions.

Uniquely leveraging customized qualification forms, NetLine provides leads based on any number of criteria. The result is every white paper lead you get is rich with content and relevance based on your pre-established criteria.

Grace Pataky, the senior marketing programs manager for networking giant Juniper Networks, explains, "White papers are very important and highly effective forms of lead generation for us. Pay-for-performance models, such as NetLine's, have proven higher value and are at the lower end of what we pay for white paper leads, and help me meet my lead quotas for each quarter."

NetLine allows advertisers to custom-brand the qualification form with their logos and provides a thank-you page with advertiser-designated content.

Cast your line into rich waters with contextual pay-for-performance advertising services. Designed to deliver qualified leads at an affordable price, services such as NetLine's Lead Source elevate the lead generation process to a new level. To find out more about the service, visit www.netline.com/solutions.

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