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2024 Unlocked: B2B Content Trends and Marketing Strategies

Demand for high-quality, personalized content is on the rise. But creating it relies more than ever on knowing who, where, and what's worth investing in.

Are you ready to deliver what your buyers crave in 2024?

In this session, join NetLine's David Fortino (Chief Strategy Officer), Jon Steiert (Sr. Content Marketing Manager), and Josh Baez (Sr. Demand Generation Manager) for a discussion on B2B Content Trends and Marketing Strategies to unlock success in 2024.

You'll learn about:
  • Ways to take advantage of the rise in content consumption and demand
  • How to choose the right content topics and formats to engage different personas
  • The importance of timing and delivery to improve the effectiveness of sales dialogues
  • The power of first-party buyer-level intent and engagement data to drive your strategies forward
  • The relationship between content formats and their impact on purchase intent
  • Plus, get a sneak peek at the findings of NetLine's 8th annual Content and Consumption Report
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