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Create a Content Strategy that Generates Leads

Teaming up for another high-impact webinar, David Fortino, SVP of Audience and Product at NetLine, and Natalie Stezovsky, VP of Business Development & Marketing at Influence & Co, share content strategy success tactics to maximize engagement and generate high-quality leads.

Bringing content marketing and lead generation together, this on-demand webinar will take you from content creation to campaign execution. Join us for an action-packed hour covering topics like:
  • How to create a documented content marketing strategy to maximize engagement
  • Content tactics that generate leads and specific ways to measure success
  • How to use data across your entire strategy, from content creation to lead gen execution
  • Leveraging trending content consumption data to make sure your content is relevant and has an impact
  • Amplifying your content and reaching in-market professionals for quality lead generation
Valuable insights and best practices on creating compelling content to uncover intent and build your sales pipeline lies ahead. Leveraging data for a calculated strategy, this webinar takes the guesswork out of maximizing engagement.

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