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How to Create Content that is Engaging, Shareable and Delivers ROI

In this two-part webinar, we'll have Natalie Stezovsky, Vice President at Influence & Co., discuss how to create high-quality content that motivates publishers to publish, and readers to share; and David Fortino, SVP Audience and Product at NetLine Corporation, shares the findings and tactical takeaways that emerged from the 2018 State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand Report for Marketers.

Extracting insights from Influence & Co.'s 2018 State of Digital Media Report, Natalie has tips and tricks on how to pitch content to editors for publication. Since high-quality content doesn't just stop with publication, you'll also learn how to optimize your content for shareability. Furthermore, David will explain how you can initiate or revive your B2B content strategy through smarter targeting based on the real behavior and preferences of actual users from the NetLine network. David will also share a recent client success story, where content syndication lead generation helped an e-Learning brand achieve over 1,500% ROI in only five months.

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