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2017 Content Marketing Insights for IT Marketers

Data-driven insights to optimize your demand generation content strategy for B2B marketers of IT solutions.

The 2017 Content Marketing Insights for IT Marketers Guide is based upon a deep dive analysis into the research patterns of Information Technology professionals consuming content across the NetLine network. Gain insight into the content consumption journey of IT professionals and the content trends discovered in marketing campaigns targeting IT professionals to identify actionable opportunities for your organization.

Content has become a significant factor within the buying process. Last year, content consumption by IT professionals increased 13%. Additionally, 11% of IT professionals consumed more than ten pieces of content in their research journey, averaging only 11 days between each content request.

B2B marketers need to stay on top of this by producing the content their target audiences need to stay top of mind, solve their problems, and aid purchase decisions.

The 2017 Content Marketing Insights for IT Marketers Guide is an important read for B2B content marketers of Information Technology solutions and software. Download your guide today.
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