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The 2024 B2B Marketer's Playbook: 12 Winning Strategies and Insider Insights

What does it take to stay ahead of the curve? The sharpest minds in B2B marketing joined forces to help you leverage cutting-edge strategies and optimize marketing outcomes.

"The 2024 B2B Marketer's Playbook: 12 Winning Strategies & Insider Insights" is the essential guide for navigating industry shifts, connecting with audiences, and driving results.

Dive in and explore key topics, like:
  • Adapting to the Decline of Third-Party Cookies
  • Leveraging Buyer-Level Intent Data
  • Integrating AI in Marketing
  • How to engage buyers with formats that enrich the buyer's journey
  • Email and Social Media Marketing Trends and more
In addition to these topics, MarketingProfs and NetLine secured insider insights from the experts you know and love, including:
  • Ann Handley: Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs
  • Robert Rose: CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, The Content Advisory
  • Melanie Deziel: Co-Founder of Creative Kitchen
  • Cathy McPhillips: Chief Growth Officer at Marketing AI Institute
  • David Fortino: Chief Strategy Officer at NetLine
  • Jay Schwedelson: CEO of Outcome Media
  • Pam Didner: Founder of Relentless Pursuit
  • Andy Crestodina: Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Orbit Media Studios
  • Moni Oloyede: Founder at MO MarTech
  • AJ Wilcox: Founder at B2Linked
  • Zontee Hou: Managing Director at Convince & Convert; President at Media Volery & Author
  • Cathy McPhillips: Chief Growth Officer at Marketing AI Institute
  • Amber Naslund: Enterprise Sales & Customer Success Leader at LinkedIn
  • Nancy Harhut: Chief Creative Officer at HBT Marketing
As the competition intensifies and the digital landscape shifts, "The 2024 B2B Marketer's Playbook" arms marketers with the necessary tools to keep up and lead in their industries.

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