Meet Carolina.

"NetLine is a must, if you want [your] content to reach your target audience and convert all the marketing hard work into valuable leads and ultimately more revenue to your business."
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Meet Carolina.


How Aggreko Achieved 1,000% ROI with a Targeted, Content-Centric Approach

Aggreko is the world-leading provider of mobile modular power, temperature control and energy services. Learn how NetLine helped them double their amount of qualified leads and generate the highest ROI from their content marketing efforts.


Maximizing ROI and Lead Quality
With NetLine, Aggreko generated 2x the amount of leads and a return of over 1,000x what they invested in less than one year. Getting both quality and quantity, the total leads generated on a monthly basis shows a consistent delivery that outperform even the highest number of leads produced prior to using NetLine. Access to NetLine's real-time reports helps measure key metrics allowing them to inform and optimize their content strategy through data generated from real professionals. Content syndication with a reliable partner was Aggreko's key to quickly addressing their Middle of Funnel challenges.

"Reaching out to our target audience has always been a challenge, because we serve several different industries with very specific applications. When I started using NetLine as a syndication platform, I was finally able to deliver all the content that we have been producing to the right people, generating highly qualified leads. Our sales team was impressed!"


Aggreko's marketing team had been given quite a task: to position their company as a thought leader.

Considering Aggreko serves a variety of industries, finding a way to target each of their audiences—each of which have zero overlap—they considered options across the board. After brainstorming, the best method for Aggreko to bolster their reputation and break into each market segment to acquire net-new, targeted leads was to leverage content. Aggreko initially set their sights on the most publicized social paid ad opportunities, like Facebook and LinkedIn. After six months of disappointing results from CPC-models often netting personal email addresses with little interest, Aggreko needed a reliable vendor to amplify their content so they could engage with their specific audience.

Alves attended Content Marketing World in 2018 with the goal of understanding best practices and trends in the industry to uncover how Aggreko's new content strategy can help them deliver a steady funnel of targeted leads for their sales organization.
quote I found out about NetLine at a content marketing conference and it was one of the most valuable takeaways I had from it. I've reached my lead goals much faster than what I expected. quote


As fate would have it, Alves attended NetLine's session at CMWorld and found content-goal alignment. The more she learned of NetLine's industry agnostic network's ability to reach niche audiences, our model of paying per qualified lead, and easy implementation, Aggreko eagerly allocated budget for the start of 2019.

Leveraging the #1 B2B Buyer Engagement Platform for content-centric lead generation, Aggreko generated 2x more leads in 2019 than they did in 2018. In less than a full calendar year, the deals Aggreko secured represents a return of over 1,000x what was invested. By matching their strategy with a solution that delivers, the output resulted in greater ROI, more qualified opportunities for their sales organization, and greater alignment between the two teams.

Syndicating content through the largest B2B network where users are actively researching relevant topics enables brands to share content on-demand and at scale. The performance-based foundation allowed the client to pay only for their desired, qualified leads, providing control and measurability. Removing the risk of testing a new technology, the barrier to generating high-quality leads is lifted.

About Aggreko

Aggreko works round the clock, making sure everyone gets the electricity, heating and cooling they need, whenever they need it – all powered by their class-leading equipment, trademark passion, unrivalled international experience and local knowledge. Operating across all sectors they are the world's leading provider of modular, mobile power and heating and cooling.