Meet Valerie.

"NetLine makes it so easy. Whether you choose full or self-service, it's simple to see what you want and how NetLine can deliver it."
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Meet Valerie.

1,560% ROI in 5 months

How NetLine delivered over 1,500% ROI for Online IT Training Business via a Content-Powered Lead Generation Initiative

ITProTV is a SaaS company that delivers IT training that is effective and entertaining for IT Professionals. Learn how NetLine delivered SQLs and dramatic ROI in only a few months.


2 Days to Fulfill Lead Goal
With NetLine, ITProTV campaigns have yielded 1,560% ROI in only five months since launch. Lead orders were filled within 48 hours in some instances. Leads were funneled to a MAS for follow-up and lead nurture track. Content performance was evaluated outside of the NetLine Portal as well using the MAS; content types such as listicles and infographics were top performers.

"NetLine makes it so easy. Whether you choose full or self-service, it's simple to see what you want and how NetLine can deliver it."


ITProTV came to NetLine with a simple but daunting lead generation problem: a blank slate. Prior to campaigns with NetLine, ITProTV was operating strictly on word of mouth referrals which drove enough traffic to promote early success for the four-year-old organization, focused on B2C sales. With the ambition to scale pipeline by ramping up lead generation, this presented a unique opportunity to scope solutions and approach their strategy with a fresh perspective.

Having the awareness and preference for content syndication, the client's inclination was to seek vendors that could leverage their content to drive demand and funnel leads into the sales pipeline. The intention was to have content syndication as a core lead generation channel.
quote The reporting makes it easy to see with what types of leads my content is having the most success and which pieces are performing best. Sometimes my lead order is filled in just days. That's especially helpful when I'm running out of month and I haven't hit my lead goals yet! quote


NetLine's lead generation solution allowed the client to launch a B2B content syndication campaign that amplified their content to targeted professionals and most importantly only delivered leads that explicitly met the discerning needs of the client. The client utilized the NetLine Portal's interactive reporting capabilities to monitor and review individual leads. The reporting feature provided full transparency into content performance – this control and ability to regulate on-demand was helpful to the client, especially in the early stages of developing a content syndication strategy and entering the B2B space as part of an overall business strategy.

Lead scoring and non-automated qualification systematically delivered SQLs. Once the lead entered the client's MAS, they entered an email nurture track; monthly emails were delivered by audience persona, and offered high-quality content, event invitations and in some cases demo requests. An interest in a demo would exit the lead from the nurture track as an SQL.

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